Eurostar (Thalys) to Paris: Brussels, London & Amsterdam

Cheap by train to Paris? Traveling by Eurostar (Thalys) train to Paris is one of the cheapest, fastest and most comfortable ways to reach the French capital from the UK (London), Netherlands (NS International) and Belgium (NMBS International). The Eurostar (Thalys) runs several times a day from London, Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol to Gare du Nord in Paris or Disneyland. With a speed of 320 km/h, the train will take you to your destination or romantic hotel in Paris in no time. From then on you can enjoy your Paris city trip.

Booking a train ticket for the Eurostar (Thalys) TGV is easy online at (Ex Thalys). It is advisable to buy your ticket for the Eurostar (Thalys) in advance, because that is usually a lot cheaper. In addition, various offers are also available, including early bird discounts and discounts for young people and seniors.

In this article we give you the best tips & tricks to travel cheaply to Paris by express train. What is the price for a Eurostar (Thalys) ticket? Where to buy tickets or how long does it take to travel with the Eurostar (Thalys) to Paris or Disneyland from Brussels or Amsterdam? But also the different Eurostar (Thalys) destinations on a handy map. Be sure to read our frequently asked questions and travel to Paris without any worries with the Eurostar (Thalys) for a day or weekend. Ready for a city trip to Paris? Bon voyage!

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Eurostar (Thalys) cheap TGV train tickets to Paris from London, Brussels & Amsterdam
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    Train from Brussels to Paris
    Gare du Nord in Paris railway station

    1. Eurostar (Thalys) train to Paris Gare du Nord: prices & cheap tickets for the TGV

    Where and when is the best time to book cheap tickets for the Eurostar (Thalys) train to Paris? Buying tickets for the Eurostar (Thalys) is simple and easy online, but is also possible at the counter in the station or by telephone. By booking your tickets well in advance (about 3 to 4 months) you can often travel a lot cheaper by train to Paris.

    The price of a ticket for the Eurostar (Thalys)? You can book a single ticket from Brussels to Paris from €29 (SNCB International). Return is possible from 49€. The cheapest tickets from Amsterdam to Paris from 35€ and for a return from 70€ (NS International).

    You can choose from 3 different types of formulas: Standard, Comfort and Premium. The rates differ in comfort, but the cancellation conditions are also different. The cheapest Eurostar (Thalys) tickets have limited availability and no flexibility. It is therefore not possible to cancel or exchange the ticket without costs. Purchased train tickets are easily available on your mobile phone.

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    2. Eurostar TGV train to Paris from London, Brussels, Amsterdam & Rotterdam

    Planning a city trip to Paris? Then the Eurostar (Thalys) is a comfortable and fast way to get there. The Eurostar (Thalys) train connects London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris and offers different travel classes and services. With Premium you can enjoy, for example, catering and comfortable seats on the road. All Thalys trains are equipped with free WiFi.

    The Eurostar (Thalys) train also offers sufficient space for luggage, including a luggage rack above the seats and a special luggage room at the end of each carriage. You are allowed to take a maximum of two pieces of luggage and they must respect the maximum dimensions and weights. During your trip you can use the various facilities on board, such as the dining car where you can buy hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals. In addition, the Eurostar (Thalys) train also has sockets on board to charge your smartphone.

    The exact travel times of the Eurostar (Thalys) to Paris (arrival at Gare du Nord) from different departure points or destinations in the UK (London), Belgium and the Netherlands:
    – Travel time from Brussels to Paris: 1h22
    – Travel time from Amsterdam to Paris: 3h20
    – Travel time from Schiphol to Paris: 3h01
    – Travel time from Rotterdam to Paris: 2h37
    – Travel time from London to Paris: 2h17

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    3. Eurostar (Thalys) destinations on a map

    4. Also nice! A weekend to Disneyland Paris by express train.

    The Eurostar (Thalys) express train also offers an easy and comfortable way to travel to Disneyland Paris. A theme park located in Marne-la-Vallée, about 32 kilometers east of central Paris. The park opened its doors in 1992 and has since become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. With spectacular rides, shows and other activities that are really worthwhile with the children. There are also a lot of nice hotels to spend the night.

    Traveling with the Eurostar (Thalys) train to Disneyland Paris means enjoying comfortable travel classes, various facilities on board and a direct connection to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy station without any worries. The Eurostar (Thalys) is the perfect way to travel from the Netherlands or Belgium to Disneyland Paris.

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    With the TGV to Paris
    To Paris from Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Disneyland,…

    5. Tips to book cheap tickets for the Eurostar to Paris (Thalys)

    – Book cheap Eurostar (Thalys) TGV tickets to Paris? Book your tickets for a city trip or weekend to Paris with the Thalys as early as possible to enjoy the best price.
    – You can buy your Eurostar (Thalys) tickets up to 4 months before departure.
    – Sometimes tickets in 1st class are cheaper than in 2nd class. So always keep an eye on both options.
    – It is usually more expensive to travel on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
    – In many cases, you book the cheapest tickets in the evenings. But also late in the morning it is often cheaper.
    – If possible, plan your city trip outside the high season and not during school holidays or during the holidays.
    – Last minute with the Eurostar (Thalys) TGV? Then you can get a discount of up to 50% if you book from 2 weeks before departure.
    – Are you traveling to Paris with children? Then there are special rates and discounts.
    – You can already buy metro tickets in the Eurostar (Thalys) Welcome Bar. This way you don’t have to queue in Gare du Nord.

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    Traveling to Paris with the Eurostar (Thalys) train from London, Brussels or Amsterdam is an excellent choice for a city trip or weekend trip to the city of lights. Travel to one of the most romantic capitals in the world in just a few hours. Not by train to Paris? Then choose the car to Paris or cheaply by bus to Paris.

    FAQ about traveling by Eurostar (Ex Thalys) TGV train to Paris

    It is best to book cheap tickets for the Eurostar (Thalys) as early as possible to benefit from the best price. You can buy your Eurostar (Thalys) TGV tickets up to 4 months before departure. Keep in mind, of course, that these tickets will be sold out quickly.

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    The Thalys to Paris is super fast. From Brussels, the train journey to Paris takes 1h22. The travel time from Amsterdam to Paris is 3h22. You arrive at the Gare du Nord train station in the center of Paris.

    You can book a single ticket from Brussels to Paris from €29. Return is possible from 49€. The cheapest tickets from Amsterdam to Paris from 35€ and for a return from 70€.

    Boek je tickets voor de Thalys trein naar Parijs 4 maanden van tevoren. Dan heb je de meeste kans om goedkope tickets te kopen voor jouw citytrip naar Parijs.

    The Thalys runs several times a day with departures from Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol to Gare du Nord in Paris. Discover the map with all Thalys destinations in this article.

    The Thalys stops at the Gare du Nord station and is located in the heart of Paris. You can easily take the metro or bus to your destination or hotel.

    There are regular Thalys last minute deals to Paris from Brussels or Amsterdam on offer. You often travel 1st class for the price of 2nd class (there are more offers for 1st class). These are often discounts of up to 50% off.

    Thalys runs on various parts of the route between Amsterdam and Paris at up to 320 km/h. Except between Amsterdam and Schiphol and between Antwerp and Brussels where the speed is approximately 160 km/h.

    De Thalys/TGV is de trein die rijdt tussen België, Nederland en Parijs. Met de gewone TVG in Frankrijk reis je naar andere steden zoals Bordeaux, Lyon of Rijsel.

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