Cycling in Paris: best bike tours, bike rental & Vélib

We’re going cycling in Paris! Have you booked a weekend in Paris with an overnight stay? And looking for a nice alternative to the busy Parisian metro? Rent a bike for half or a full day, easily use the Vélib city bike via the app or book a bike tour through Paris with a guide (e.g. via Fat Tire Tours, Baja Bikes or Blue Fox Travel). Paris has become increasingly safer for cyclists in recent years and more and more cycle routes are being added. Special cycle paths, widened bus corridors and the Vélib city bikes have made cycling in Paris a lot easier and more accessible in recent years. In addition, most of the city is relatively flat and you can get through the city by bike in about 30 minutes in normal traffic. Renting an electric bicycle in Paris can also be useful if, for example, you want to cycle from the Montmartre district to the Latin Quarter.

Bike tours in Paris are a great way to discover the city’s highlights or hidden gems. Stop at well-known sights in Paris at your own pace and enjoy your guide’s commentary on Parisian history and local city life. We have collected the best Parisian bike tours to experience Parisian culture and enjoy a fun bike ride with family or friends. Tour operators offer fun bike tours in Paris with regular bicycles or electric bicycles. In this blog article we tell you everything about renting bicycles (cheaply) in Paris, where you can book a bicycle tour with Fat Tire Tours, Baja Bikes or Blue Fox Travel & useful apps. There is also a special bike tour with children. Enjoy (safely) cycling through Paris!

TIP: cycling along the Seine in Paris is best done on the ‘Rive Gauche’ (right bank)

• Fun to do: Paris Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour + Cruise on the Seine (1h) →

Bike rental in Paris (also electric), everything about Vélib and bike tours by Fat Tire Tours, Baja Bikes and Blue Fox Travel
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    Bike tours in Paris with Fat Tire Tours or Blue Fox Travel
    Bike tours in Paris with Fat Tire Tours or Blue Fox Travel
    Bike rental in Paris & everything about Vélib
    Bike rental in Paris & everything about Vélib

    1. Bicycle tours by Fat Tire Tours, Baja Bikes and Blue Fox Travel (also for families and children)

    A Paris bike tour with Fat Tire Tours, Baja Bikes or Blue Fox Travel is one of the best ways to experience the city like a true Parisian. With a guide, this cycling tour takes you past the most beautiful sights of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. The guide provides a fascinating cycling route full of stories and anecdotes about the history and culture of Paris. You will also receive interesting tips from this ‘local’ about where to eat, drink and what to do during the rest of your stay in Paris.

    How long does a bike tour through Paris take? Most bike tours last about 3 hours and take a safe route past the best highlights of the city. The bike tour is usually done in small groups in a relaxed pace and atmosphere. A cycling tour with a guide in Paris is ideal for all ages. There is also a special bicycle tour for children. A bike tour through Paris is highly recommended!

    • Paris Bike Tours by Fat Tire Tours →

    • Paris Bike Tours by Baja Bikes →

    • Paris Bike Tours by Blue Fox Travel →

    2. Rent a bike in Paris and enjoy a private tour

    Would you like to rent a bicycle in Paris for a few hours or a full day? On a bike you really feel like a local in this city. Cycling in Paris is the most fun and healthiest way to discover Paris. Bicycle rental Paris can easily be booked online via e.g. Fat Tire Tours and Baja Bikes. Reservations in advance are necessary to guarantee the availability of the bicycles.

    How much does it cost to rent a bike in Paris?
    – Renting a classic bike for 4 hours will cost you around €17 – 25 | For 8 hours you pay €19 – 30 | For 24 hours you pay €30 – 50
    Electric bicycle rental is also possible.
    View all options on the website of Fat Tire Touts and Baja Bikes.

    • Rent a bike in Paris via Fat Tire Tours →

    • Rent a bike in Paris via Baja Bikes (*) →
    (*) Temporarily unavailable


    3. Cycling in Paris with Vélib: how does it work via the app and what are the costs

    Vélib is the well-known bicycle sharing network of Paris and has existed since 2007. The aim of Vélib is to facilitate the development of new mobility in Paris. There are now approximately 20,000 bicycles and 1,500 Vélib stations available throughout the city and its immediate suburbs. You can rent a regular bicycle (green color) or an electric bicycle (blue color) and pick it up at any Vélib’ station in Paris. Afterwards you can easily hand it in at another station.

    The first 30 minutes of use are free for regular bicycles, with a small fee for electric bicycles (e-bike). We definitely recommend that you download the official Velib app in advance. In the app you can see how many (electric) bicycles are still available at which station. So very handy.

    • How does renting a bike in Paris work with Vélib?
    – Register via the Vélib website ( or download the app (Android and iOS)
    – Make your choice between a single ticket (V-Libre), day ticket or there are also subscriptions for long-term use
    – Time to pick up your bike at one of the thousands of Vélib stations

    • What does it cost to rent a bike with Vélib?
    – A V-ticket is suitable for tourists who want to use Vélib once and costs €3 per ride. The first 45 minutes of the ride are free, after that you pay €1 per half hour for a regular bicycle and €2 for an electric bicycle.
    – The price for a full day is €5 for a regular bicycle and €10 for an electric bicycle. On top of that, you pay €1 per 30 minutes for a regular bicycle and €2 for an electric bicycle.

    TIP: rent a bike cheaply in Paris? Return your bike within 30 minutes and take a new bike to enjoy the first 30 free minutes again!

    Rent an electric bicycle in Paris? Nice!
    Rent an electric bicycle in Paris? Nice!

    4. Rent an electric bicycle in Paris via Lime, Dott, Bolt, etc…

    You can also rent an electric shared bicycle in Paris via Lime and Dott (bright blue e-bike). Download the app, enter your credit card details and then search for an electric bicycle of your choice. Then scan the QR code on the bicycle. These bicycles are very easy to use and ideal for occasionally covering short distances. And what is the price? With most bike sharing providers, renting an electric bike costs €1 to unlock and then €0.25 per minute to ride. Be careful: do you park your bicycle somewhere outside the zone? Then you pay a fine.

    • Fun to do: Paris: Half-Day Electric Bike Tour (3h) →

    Cycling in Paris is a lot of fun and quite safe. A bicycle tour in Paris with Fat Tire Tours or Blue Fox Travel is highly recommended. Also with families and children. A lot has changed in recent years and hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths have been constructed. This has made it a lot safer to cycle through Paris. Rent an (electric) bicycle in Paris and enjoy the wonderful weather in spring in Paris or summer in Paris on one of the best terraces in Paris or the best rooftop bars in Paris.

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