5x Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Paris

Looking for the best vegetarian & vegan restaurants in Paris? French cuisine may not be known as vegetarian-friendly, but what can you expect from a traditional menu with canard, boeuf bourguignon and foie gras? However, many new vegetarian restaurants have emerged in Paris in recent years that are definitely worth a visit. And many regular restaurants in Paris also offer many vegetarian friendly options on the menu.

Especially in the east of Paris there are trendy hotspots for those who prefer veggie & vegan food. The area around République and Canal Saint-Martin are nice places to find vegan and vegetarian options. With many new restaurants that also prefer organic and local ingredients. Other neighborhoods where you can also enjoy delicious vegetarian food are Le Marais, Bastille and Belleville. We selected some of our favorite vegetarian addresses in Paris. Skip that boeuf bourguignon. Veggie & vegan are alive and well in Paris.

TIP: fan of veggie burgers? Then try the popular Hank Burger in Le Marais district (Rue des Archives)!

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Delicious vegetarian restaurants in Paris: these are the best veggie & vegan food hotspots
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    Best vegetarian restaurants in Paris
    Best vegetarian restaurants in Paris
    Delicious vegetarian and vegan food in Paris
    Delicious vegetarian and vegan food in Paris

    1. Faubourg Diamant: one of the best vegetarian restaurant in Paris (10th)

    Perhaps the best vegetarian restaurant in Paris, where the plant-based cuisine radiates ambition. Inside there is a cozy interior and there is also an outdoor terrace, with small white round tables and candles. The menu changes seasonally with dishes such as pasta & pepe, tofu croquettes, melting carrots glazed with a ‘bbq’ sauce & cauliflower steak. The service is friendly, lively and with good (wine) recommendations. This veggie & vegan restaurant in Paris is highly recommended.

    20 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris | daimant.co →

    2. Wild & The Moon: popular hotspot for veggie & vegan food (various locations)

    Wild & the Moon is undoubtedly also one of the best vegetarian & vegan places in Paris and has become a favorite meeting place among (healthy) Parisians. Since the opening of the first store on rue Charlot in 2016, Wild & The Moon has been known for cold-pressed juices, smoothies and detox salads. Or the Super Bowl with red lentil base, chickpeas, marinated mushrooms, sweet potatoes and beetroot pickles. All 100% vegan. The interior is calm, cool and filled with cozy wooden furniture and green tones.

    Various locations | wildandthemoon.fr →


    3. Jah Jah By Le Tricycle: Afro-vegan restaurant in the heart of Paris (10th)

    From the same cool guys behind popular vegan hot dog spot Le Tricycle (already an institution for the best veggie bowls, juices, vegan hot dogs and fresh decor), Jah Jah serves up everything from fried plantain snacks to hearty, healthy ‘bowls du jour’ packed with rice, tandoori cauliflower wings and a roasted zucchini salad. Be sure to come here for brunch on the weekend: the vegan pancakes are a real treat for your taste buds. Nice to know? They also regularly organize lectures on veganism.

    11 Rue des Petites Écuries, 75010 Paris | instagram.com/jahjahparis/ →

    4. Le Potager de Charlotte: local products and innovative dishes (9th)

    Le Potager de Charlotte is also often mentioned as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Paris. Founder and chef David Valentin transforms local products into innovative dishes. Their recipes evolve with the season. Just think of delicious pancakes with rice and chickpeas, served with sweet potato puree, tahini, smoked tofu and black sesame. Feel free to reserve a spot here, you won’t regret it.

    12 Rue Louise-Émilie de la Tour d’Auvergne, 75009 Paris | lepotagerdecharlotte.fr →

    Most fancy veggie & vegan hotspots in Paris
    Most fancy veggie & vegan hotspots in Paris
    Eating vegetarian in Paris with these tips
    Eating vegetarian in Paris with these tips

    5. Aujourd’hui Demain: 100% vegan concept store (11th)

    Aujourd’hui Demain is a vegan concept store including a restaurant and organic café with a relaxed atmosphere. As well as an ecologically responsible boutique with a wide selection of lifestyle items, ready-to-wear, cosmetics, bookstore and supermarket. In the morning, choose a freshly squeezed juice or a lactose-free latte with soy, rice or almond milk of your choice. Best served with a rich brownie or cheesecake. At lunch they serve a variety of toasted club sandwiches, soups and vegetable bowls, rich in seasonal ingredients. Weekend brunches are also offered.

    In the merchandise section of the store natural cosmetics, stylish clothes from emerging designers and shoes made of artificial leather. To promote veganism, they often organize cool workshops and events here, such as a second-hand clothing sale (every third weekend of the month) and vegan pop-up festivals.

    42 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris | aujourdhui-demain.com →

    These were some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Paris to discover on your next city trip. Veggie & vegan food has become very hip and fancy in Paris in recent years and numerous new addresses and hotspots have been added. Maybe also something for you: 7x Best coffee shops in Paris: top famous hotspots or 6x Best terraces in Paris for a cool summer drink.

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