5x Best Italian restaurants in Paris for pizza & pasta

Looking for the best Italian restaurants in Paris for good pizza and pasta? There is no shortage of Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Paris. After a day of sightseeing in Paris or shopping in Paris, it is of course time to regain some strength in a pizzeria. A delicious pasta or pizza, a glass of wine and a cozy interior, that’s all you need for a successful evening. We selected 5 top restaurants & pizzerias in Paris for you where you can enjoy delicious food and Italian cuisine.

France is known for its good food and it is therefore no surprise that there are so many good restaurants in Paris. You don’t have to book a trip to Italy to enjoy that delicious pizza or pasta. These are the best Italian restaurants & pizzerias in Paris, in no particular order. Buon Appetito!

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Best Italian restaurants & pizzerias in Paris to enjoy a good pizza and pasta
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    Best Italian restaurants in Paris
    Best Italian restaurants in Paris
    Enjoy good Italian food in Paris
    Enjoy good Italian food in Paris

    1. Marcello: one of the best Italian restaurants in Paris (6th)

    Tasty Italian food in Paris? That is possible at restaurant Marcello. Enjoy Italian cuisine with fresh seasonal products in a cozy interior. The vitello tonnato is of excellent quality, as is the spaghetti alle vongole, the grilled octopus or the tiramisu. Their selection of wines is also excellent. The service with a smile and fast. Nice weather? A (hidden) terrace in the green takes you straight to la dolce vita. From the olive oil served on the table to the last espresso. We are fans of this delicious and top Italian restaurant in Paris.

    8 Rue Mabillon, 75006 Paris | marcello-paris.com →

    2. Daroco: not just another pizzeria in Paris (2nd)

    An Italian restaurant in Paris with a sublime setting. With a cool cocktail bar in the back, albeit a bit hidden, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails. Formerly a former Jean Paul Gaultier shop, now an Italian trattoria with stunning ceiling heights, green marble tables, wicker chairs, large central kitchen and a beautiful pizza oven. Daroco is not just another pizzeria in Paris. It is also a real restaurant. The waiters in striped sailor suits parade in style to bring the antipasti and primi piatti to the table. Afterwards, don’t forget to visit the famous Galerie Vivienne, which is just next door.

    6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris | daroco.fr →


    3. Al Caratello: favorite Italian food among Montmartre residents (18th)

    You will come across Caratello in a cozy side street of Montmartre. They have three locations in the same street. There is Pizza Caratello, Piccolo Caratello and the original Al Caratello. The latter has become a firm favorite among Montmartre residents. This thanks to the fresh, delicious pasta dishes and the traditional trattoria menu. There’s a real homely, family kitchen atmosphere here, complete with charming waiters roaring between the packed tables and advising regulars on the impressive selection of Italian wines. Definitely recommended for good Italian food in Paris.

    5 Rue Audran, 75018 Paris | alcaratello.com →

    4. Chez Bartolo: one of the oldest pizzerias in Paris (6th)

    Chez Bartolo, one of the oldest pizzerias in Paris. This Italian restaurant was opened in 1950. Lovers of Italian cuisine in Paris eagerly await Italian delicacies, accompanied by excellent wines. The menu is very attractive with tasty antipasti, cheeses and charcuterie, but especially with its pasta, pizza and secondi platti, just like in Italy. When the weather is nice you can eat pizza or pasta on the attractive terrace and this in a very nice street. The interior inside looks very Neapolitan. Chez Bartolo is a simple and traditional pizzeria in Paris. We like to come back because the pizzas are tasty and there is a lively atmosphere.

    7 Rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris | bartolorestaurant.fr →

    Top hotspots for pizza & pasta in Paris
    Top hotspots for pizza & pasta in Paris

    5. La Capannina: good Italian restaurant in a scenic location (5th)

    The Italian restaurant La Capannina is located near the Panthéon with a beautiful veranda and a wonderful atmosphere. One of the best Italian restaurants in Paris in a picturesque location. Good quality of Italian food for a very reasonable price. You can enjoy Calabrian antipasti, saltimbocca alla romana or tagliatelle with squid. The staff, some from Calabria, are extremely friendly and hospitable.

    64 Rue de la Montagne Ste Geneviève, 75005 Paris | la-capannina-paris.fr →

    Enjoy your good pizza or pasta in the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Paris. Would you like to experience Paris in an authentic brasserie or café? Then be sure to discover our list of 5x best cafés & brasseries in Paris on the Rive Gauche.

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