8x Best ice cream shops in Paris: famous gelato hotspots

Looking for the best ice cream in Paris? During the spring in Paris or summer in Paris, it’s hard to resist a good ice cream. With sweet scents and flavors of vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, strawberry or lemon, it’s time to refresh your taste buds. There is something for every ice cream lover. At high temperatures you can of course also go to many places in Paris for the best ice cream, made artisanally. Perfect places to satisfy your ice cream hunger on balmy days (or just all year round).

We went looking for the best ice cream shops in Paris. Whether you’re looking for classic flavors or unique flavors, there’s no shortage of delicious ice cream in Paris. From the most famous ice cream Berthillon to our favorite ice cream in Paris. These are the best ice cream places in Paris that you want to discover asap. You can also enjoy your ice cream on the banks of the Seine or in one of the beautiful parks such as Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. In a jar or in a cone, please?

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Best ice cream shops in Paris: from the famous Berthillon to GROM gelato
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    Best ice cream shops in Paris
    Best ice cream shops in Paris
    Famous gelato hotspots in Paris
    Famous gelato hotspots in Paris

    1. GROM: one of the best ice creams shops in Paris (2nd, 4th, 5th & 6th)

    In our opinion, GROM is the best ice cream shop in Paris. Launched in Turin in 2003 and quickly found their way to Paris. Their credo: “Il gelato come una volta” (Ice cream as before). And we totally agree! From the first bite we recognize the delicious and honest taste of homemade ice cream. The portions are more than generous, the service as warm as in Italy. They have a wide choice of flavours, both for ice cream and sorbet. You absolutely must have tasted the pistachio.

    Grom.it →

    2. Berthillon: most famous ice cream shop in Paris (4th)

    Impossible not to mention Berthillon in this list. According to many, the best ice cream in Paris and popular with tourists and locals alike. Berthillon has been making and selling their famous ice cream since the 1950s. Authentic flavours, without artificial additives. The recipe itself is a well-kept secret in Paris. They also have a salon de thé, with tasty pastries, tea, coffee and chocolate. Nice to know: many brasseries and restaurants also serve Berthillon ice cream.

    Berthillon.fr →

    3. Pozzetto gelato: intensity and quality of flavors (4th)

    In the hip district of Le Marais you can find another excellent ice cream shop, Pozzetto. Gelato Pozzetto offers only 12 flavours. Not one more, but all made with fresh milk and seasonal fruits. The emphasis is on intensity and quality. Be sure to try the pistachio Pozzetto, it is divine, especially accompanied by white chocolate.

    Pozzetto.biz →


    4. Une Glace à Paris: ice cream in Paris with a title (4th & 18th)

    Emmanuel Ryon, one of the co-founders of this ice cream parlor, has already received the prestigious French title of ‘Ice Cream Artisan of the Year’. A small shop with a wide choice of international and local flavours. The ice creams are meticulously prepared every day in the cellar of the shop with the best ingredients. They have a shop in the Le Marais and Montmartre districts.

    Uneglaceaparis.fr →

    5. Glaces Glazed: ice creams with a gothic touch (9th)

    Glaces Glazed is perhaps the most innovative ice cream in Paris. Ice cream and sorbet with unlikely flavor combinations such as pepper, geranium or even chocolate wasabi! Craftsmanship is their strong point. Say original ice creams and incredible textures.

    Glaces-glazed.com →

    6. Le Bac à Glaces: old-fashioned ice creams and sorbets (7th)

    With more than 60 flavours, Le Bac à Glaces ice cream has established itself as one of the best ice cream in the capital. Here you can go for old-fashioned ice creams and sorbets, made from 100% natural ingredients. Just think of roasted pistachio ice cream, sheep’s milk ice cream, date orange blossom sorbet or sorbet strawberry diet. Located a stone’s throw from the famous department store Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

    Bacaglaces.com →

    Best gelato shops in Paris to enjoy
    Best gelato shops in Paris to enjoy
    Famous Berthillon ice cream in Paris
    Famous Berthillon ice cream in Paris

    7. La Fabrique Givrée: a world of creative flavors (5th)

    La Fabrique Givrée is an artisan ice cream located on rue Soufflot, near the Panthéon. With several brands across France, La Fabrique Givrée was launched in 2012 by two childhood friends. Creative flavors with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, with fruit harvested from small producers. What else do you want?

    Lafabriquegivree.com →

    8. Il Gelato del Marchese: the scent of pistachios (6th)

    Il Gelato del Marchese is all about elegance, with exceptional ice creams and artisanal sorbets. From classic flavors to more surprising flavors (parmigiano, gorgonzola, basil tomato and even foie gras). Also pay attention to the delicious smell of roasted pistachios in the store.

    Ilgelatodelmarchese.com →

    These were the best places for ice cream in Paris. Time to spoil yourself with a delicious ice cream on the banks of the Seine or in one of the many beautiful gardens or parks in Paris. Also discover the best coffee shops in Paris and the best places for breakfast in Paris. And now time for a gelato in Paris.

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