5x Best cinemas & movie theaters in Paris

Looking for the best cinemas in Paris? Going to the cinema in Paris is always an experience. Now that it gets dark a little earlier in the evenings in Paris, nothing is as cozy as watching a good film in the cinema. With its 88 cinemas and 420 screens, Paris is a movie buff’s paradise. Parisians are also true cinema buffs. A box of popcorn, a bottle of cola and great company, that’s all you need to make it a fun movie night.

There are many different cinemas in Paris, each with its own atmosphere and style. From the large, commercial cinemas to the smaller, more independent theatres, there is something for everyone. Here are a number of cinemas in Paris (sometimes also in English) that you must visit. Let’s ignore the commercial movie theaters for a while, because there are gems among the alternative cinemas in Paris that take you back in time.

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    Best cinemas in Paris
    Cinema Studio 28 in Paris
    Movie theaters in Paris
    Le Champo movie theater in Paris

    #1 Studio 28: perhaps the most beautiful cinema in Paris (18th)

    In the heart of Montmartre, we find one of the most beautiful cinemas in Paris: Studio 28. The cinema of Amélie Poulain! It is here that Amélie likes to go to the cinema on Friday evenings. This cinema offers the public the best feature films (also in English) from every era with a nice bar and small garden. If we had to remember just one movie theater in Paris, it would be Studio 28. “The cinema of masterpieces. The masterpiece of cinemas,” said Jean Cocteau, godfather and director Abel Gance.

    10 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris | cinema-studio28.fr →

    #2 Le Champo: a gem in the Latin Quarter (5th)

    Cinema Le Champo in Paris is located in the Latin Quarter and a gem. In the two rooms, under a starry ceiling or under blue projectors, you can enjoy the greatest classics of French and foreign cinema. With a varied film offer that can appeal to both young and old and at very democratic prices. In 1999, the owner of cinema Le Champo wanted to sell the building through renovation projects. But thanks to the support of many film fans and film professionals, the building was fortunately saved.

    51 Rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris | cinema-lechampo.com →

    #3 Le Louxor: iconic cinema in Paris (10th)

    Impossible to miss the facade of cinema Le Louxor in Paris. This cinema was built in 1921 with a distinctive Egyptian architecture. Listed as a historic monument, it closed its doors in 1988. After being threatened with demolition, it was renovated on April 17, 2013 and reopened to the public. Nice weather in Paris? There is a nice balcony where you can enjoy a cool drink with a nice view.

    170 Boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris | cinemalouxor.fr →

    #4 Le Grand Rex: the temple of cinema (2nd)

    The largest cinema in Paris and even Europe. Le Grand Rex was built in Art Deco style and has been a listed building since 1981. Its atypical decor makes its charm, with ancient colonnades, Venetian palaces and balconies full of geraniums. The main hall, famous for its premieres, has since hosted the biggest movie stars, from Tarantino to Di Caprio. They have all set foot in the temple of cinema. Definitely recommended!

    1 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris | legrandrex.com →

    English cinema in Paris
    Cinema du Panthéon in Paris

    #5 Cinema du Panthéon: a cinema with charm (5th)

    Cinéma du Panthéon is, as the name suggests, located near the Panthéon. Make yourself at home in this cinema with its leather sofas, wooden floors and vintage lamps. Also pay attention to the seats, which all have a plaque with the name of a director. A nice tribute. Le Salon, decorated by Catherine Deneuve and Christian Sapet, and the heated terrace are ideal for a meal before or after the show.

    3 Rue Victor Cousin, 75005 Paris | whynotproductions.fr/pantheon →

    Going to the cinema in Paris, a fun activity to do that you might not immediately think of when you are in Paris? Ideal for a night out in the city of lights. Have fun at one of the best movie theaters in Paris!

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